"Indie pop aces... with a penchant for theatrical stagings and choreography."
      New York Times click here for feature article

"Adventurous, melodic, weird and absolutely brilliant. Sky-Pony are set to ride high!"
      Pop Dose

"A beautiful mash-up of music, choreography, costumes, projections and drama that boasts the beats and rhythms of music made for twirling your body and lyrics made for spinning your reflections. Beautiful Monster, the group’s debut release, is a lesson in variability. It moves the listener from the sophisticated joy of electro-pop melodies and Worsham’s haunting vocals in 'Steal Tonight' to the percussion-and-strings-filled title track highlighted by dainty, theatrical vocals telling the story of retribution for a love gone-wrong that would fit seamlessly into an Andrew Lloyd Webber production to the bouncily irreverent 'Doctor' that examines the quirks and incongruities of a family to which one belongs."
      Village Voice click here for feature article

"The band is a project of the multitalented soprano Lauren Worsham, a knockout in such disparate works as Dog Days and Benjamin Britten's The Turn of the Screw, and the composer and keyboard player Kyle Jarrow, who wrote most of the arresting songs. With two backup female vocalists and four other instrumentalists... Sky-Pony sounded like a 1960s girl group on crack—tight, fierce, hilarious and out of their minds."
      Wall Street Journal

"A glitter-splashed, cathartic rager! Swaggering, enthusiastic and glammed up from head to toe."
      Time Out New York

"An impish indie band... [with] geeky-glam style."
"The glitter is plentiful, the performances poised, and the songs beguiling."
      New Yorker Magazine

Lauren and Kyle in  The New Yorker  Photo by Pari Dukovic

Lauren and Kyle in The New Yorker
Photo by Pari Dukovic

Sketch of Sky-Pony Live at Joe's Pub
By Joan Chiverton


"Sky-Pony combines lively electro-pop melodies with synchronized girl-group dance moves... [Lauren Worsham 's] fierce, high-energy stage presence — and its surprise pairing with that ingénue sound — have made her magnetic onstage as the front-woman."
      New Jersey Star-Ledger

"Blondie meets Idina Menzel!"
     Zeal NYC

"Sky-Pony is not the simplest band to classify. They actually may not be best described as a band at all. Sky-Pony could be seen just as well as a burlesque show or carnival of sorts. Whatever you prefer, the rock performance artists have been dotting around NYC for a year now with their flashy costumes and careful choreography. You're never quite sure what to expect from one of their gigs."
      Deli Magazine

"Worsham plays the indie chanteuse as she sings the Obie Award-winning Jarrow’s songs, tuneful pop compositions whose cleverly simple lyrics chart the ups and downs of romance."
      Showbusiness Weekly

"Lauren Worsham has a voice that would make a nightingale jealous. When she sings, it’s liquid silver."

"Kyle Jarrow's melodies are insanely catchy."
      Boston Weekly Dig